Sihoru is a building to soak into the environment blandly without using any technical skills. It resembles surroundings harmoniously through its moderate form and natural properties of matter. Natural elements immanent in this space such as light, water, stones and shadow interact one another constantly. This space has the essence to keep dynamic flow in its simplicity.

Sihoru is a single pension located at a small village of Jeju named Dongbok-ri. This is the first business for a couple of clients who have lived for a long time in Seoul and 100A associates’ first project in Jeju. Above all, they started from understanding Jeju’s environment and locality, in proceeding this project as strangers. They intended to express their aims through ways of work and design, by defining the meaning of space.

Architectural image they presented, was another island existing in an island. It is a small island only for rest, of which the space can be remembered perfectly with the time in it. It is also intended to be not a soaring but sunken building, in consideration of its site higher than other buildings around it and its narrow and long topography almost looking larger.

They tried not to emphasize the architectural form, by finishing it with the color sense and texture of materials which could be in harmony with surrounding environment naturally. They built the fence facing street higher in order to block the eyes and that facing village lower in order to mitigate the separated sense from the village.

Situated passing through two stone fences as tall as an adult’s height, inner space is also just like an independent island. However differently from the outside, it is an inner space and at the same time outer space. Glass wall enclosing the space blurs more the boundary between inside and outside. It means that it creates the optimum landscape which can be found in the vicinity because it hardly has the distant scenery.

Even though it evokes a remote feeling as if it were in an isolated island, it provides another environment through the connectivity of all spaces from its courtyard to bedroom, corridor and fence.

Differently from the exterior space which has the skin of outdoor environment, interior space is arranged with warm materials and color sense. It also has the expandibility in order that three generations of family can gather together even if it is small in area. Functions of living room, kitchen and entrance hall are integrated, and unnecessary space is removed boldly. Above all, ㄷ-shaped large window gives the sense of visible openness.

Interior space also has the composition like ‘island in island’ by connecting vaguely the boundary between inside and outside of private area hidden functionally in open area. However, the open area communicates with the outside positively and honestly, while the private area fills up the outside a little more emotionally.

While planning and constructing it, the designer might want Sihoru to be a space which would be a part of island as the time on this strange land would be accumulated as the memories of island. It is just the reason to name this space ‘Sihoru’ which means the mind to present those who stay in this space with ‘the memorable time kept in their mind deeply without being forgotten’.

잊지 아니하도록 마음속 깊이 기억할, 時好鏤


‘오롯이 쉼을 위해 머물다 떠날 수 있는 작은 섬’
자연환경과 문화가 너무나 다른 땅 위에공간을 구축하고, 앞으로 그 공간을 운영해 나아가야하는 우리는 상업적인 이익보다는 공간의 의미를 중요하게 생각했기 때문에 디자인을 시작하기에 앞서 제주도의 자연환경과 장소성에 대한 충분한 이해가 필요했고, 공간의 의미를 정의하는 것이 필요했다. 그리고 우리가 지향하는 것들을 디자인과 운영방식에 잘 녹여내고자 했다.

시호루는 제주공항에서 40분가량 떨어진 작은 마을에 위치하는데, 좋은 자연환경을 가진 장소는 아니지만 작은 집들이 옹기종기 모여 있는 아늑하고 정감 있는 분위기를 가진 장소였다. 이 장소에 이방인들의 휴식을 위해 만들어질 공간은 마을의 분위기에 해가 되지 않고, 이 공간에 머무는 이들에게 편안한 안식처가 되어줄 섬 속에 작은 섬처럼 자연스럽고 편안하게 자리 잡기를 원했다.

그래서 우리는 디자인할 때 이 장소_마을에서 눈에 띄지 않고 주변과 닮아 자연스럽게 하기 위해 形은 절제하고 빛, 물, 돌, 그림자 등의 자연요소를 色과 物性등을 통해서 디테일한 감성으로 표현했다. 이는 공간에 내재된 자연요소들의 상호작용을 통해서 내부와 외부, 공간과 사람이 끊임없이 소통함으로서 단순함 속에서 역동적인 흐름을 담아낸 본질의 공간이 된다.

굳게 닫힌 대문을 열고 아주 천천히 정원을 따라 공간으로 진입하는 동선을 계획했는데, 처음 마주하게 되는 정원은 빛뿐만 아니라 자연, 날씨, 시간의 흐름과 같은 ‘시간의 분위기’를 담은 공간이다. 이 ‘시간의 분위기’는 혼란스런 도시와 대조되는 분위기의 연속성으로 진정한 휴식과 여유 그리고 환영을 의미한다.

우리는 時好鏤_시호루를 계획하고 구축하면서 어쩌면 당연할지 모를 낯선 이 공간에 차곡차곡 섬의 시간을 담기어 언젠가는 섬의 일부가 되어버린 시간의 공간의 되기를 바랬다. 그리고 앞으로 이 공간에 머무는 이들에게 잊지 아니하도록 마음속 깊이 기억할 시간의 공간이 되기를 바란다.